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Senior Pastor Lamar Bell

lamar bell  Pastor Earnest Lamar Bell, the son of Limmie Bell, Sr. and Ola Mae Greer, was born, February 16, 1948.  He is the father of nine, grandfather of twenty-four, and great grand father of one.  He is married to Pastor Elsie (Usher) Bell.

  One of many in a large family, Pastor Bell’s beginnings were humble and meager.  Through perseverance, dedication, and a spiritual belief in things unseen, he has accomplished much in fifty-eight years.

  He founded and established a business, Bell’s Concrete, Inc. in 1989 with only a hand trial, wheel barrel, and a borrowed 1972 Chevy Nova, and one employee, himself.  He incorporated the business in 1995.  Today Bell’s Concrete, Inc. subcontracts to many established and young upstarting companies, and employs approximately ten to fifteen (10-15) operators and laborers.           

            His ability to take a seed and reap a harvest is the premise upon which his ministry began.  In 1994, Pastor Bell planted a seed and began tithing to a physically non-existent ministry.  A blade manifested in November of 1995 when Faith of Jesus Ministries, Inc.  co-founded by Pastor Lamar Bell, and his wife Pastor Else Bell, began an in home Bible Study.   With proper nurturing the Bible Study out grew their home and expanded.  In March of 1997, regular Sunday services were added and two trailers were needed to contain a congregation of one hundred twenty plus (+) members.

             Through an act of benevolence,  Josephine Usher donated a trailer, and a youth ministry was birthed.

           Driven by a need to establish a larger permanent facility Pastor Bell prayerfully proclaimed property in April of 1997.  In July of 1997,  Pastor Bell purchased said property.  Eight acres of terra firma was acquired and upon that rock he built the Lord’s Church.

            The current campus of  F. O. J. M. houses a youth facility of 2700 sq. ft. and a central facility of 9000 sq. ft in which the bookstore, fellowship hall, main sanctuary and several administrative offices are located.

             Pastor Lamar Bell has been a great help to the community of Newton.  He has provided cars, food, and housing to the needy.  He and his ministry has assisted members of the community with their utilities, rent, and their college education. 

            Faith of Jesus Ministries holds annual men’s , women’s and finance conferences, plus youth festivals at no charge to the community.

             Pastor Bell’s faithfulness has afforded him the ability to ordain three ministers and two pastors to continue his good works.

            Pastor Bell strives to sow into the community because he wants his community to be above and not beneath, the head and not the tail. 

            Through his faith in Jesus, Pastor Bell strives to impart wisdom to enable others to reach their full potential in God.  He believes that faith in Jesus will get delivered unto them the faith of Jesus.

Church Information

Sunday Services: 9AM Meditation
10:30AM Worship Service
Wednesday Bible Study - 7PM
Saturdays - Situation Change 9AM

FOJ Vision Statement

FOJM will teach the word of God, clearly, w/ understanding &faith, that will make strong, triumphant believers; that can live victoriously in today's society.

Galatians 3:22 (KJV)
But the scripture hath concluded all under sin, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe.

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